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FliteMod website is provided as a resource or marketplace for all services and products related to third party modification of commercial jet and turboprop aircraft. You will notice that unlike "aircraft parts" websites which are Part Number driven,FliteMod website is description driven which enables users to filter by Category the product or service being searched for. The site is not intended for listing aircraft spares and repair parts which can be more appropriately listed on other websites listing components by Part Number.

This site is wholly owned and operated by FlitePartners Ltd ( and is made available for anyone in this industry to list products, parts and services they have available. This may include, for example, Avionics Equipment, Technical Services, Used or New Aircraft Seats, Class dividers Galleys, Furnishings, Installers, etc. A full list of categories can be seen in the "Filter Listings" drop downs on the Home Page. A site user would normally "Filter" listings by "aircraft type" and/or "Category" etc. in order to generate a list of listings matching the required criteria, look at the "DETAIL" then "ENQUIRE". The enquiry will then be passed to the "Seller" so that the two parties may be in contact. In the majority of cases there is no cost associated with this service where no direct web link or direct contact details are provided. With higher value items and services, FlitePartners Ltd will request a commission from the seller.  This is negotiated on a case by case basis.

We hope that this service is useful in bringing together the various aircraft owners, aircraft leasing companies, airlines and operators with the Service and Component Suppliers to create a marketplace that benefits all involved in this industry.

If you wish to make a listing, please "Register" as a user and create your listing with full description and up to six photos. This service is completely FREE to use. If you do not find an appropriate category, please contact or telephone +44 (01252)560380 and our team will do their best to assist. 

You may be asking yourself "why does FlitePartners Ltd offer this service Free Of Charge in most cases?" The answer is that by providing a central marketplace as a Resource for Commercial Aircraft Modification then we know what is going on in this market and this will bring market knowledge and commercial advertising opportunities to FlitePartners Ltd. Our thought is that if we did not provide this service then someone else eventually will.

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