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USB Power Ashtray Replacement B737CL/NG B757

Listing ID 387
Listing Date 3/22/2019 5:15:51 AM
Aircraft Type: All Aircraft Types
Categories: Electronic-Flight-Bag
Model / Type:
Part No. / PN Series: FPD0899014-005-01
Condition New
Quantity: Units / Assy: 0
Quantity: Pax Places: 0
Location Europe


USB Power -  Ashtray Replacement for B737CL and NG and B757 aircraft.

  •  Delivered complete with EASA Form1 plus EASA Approved Minor Mod Documents including.
  • EO/SB for installation
  • Wiring Manual Supplement
  • IPC Supplement
  • AMM Supplement


Our Ref: FPP0899B