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FlitePad iPad Tray Mount

Listing ID 246
Listing Date 11/19/2015 8:08:11 AM
Aircraft Type: All Aircraft Types
Categories: bins-sidewall-ceiling-floor > DAR-CAMO > manufacturing
Model / Type: FlitePad
Part No. / PN Series: FlitePad
Condition New
Quantity: Units / Assy:
Quantity: Pax Places:
Location Worldwide

Description Description: Class 2 EFB mounting and charging solution for the iPad. The new FlitePad allows the iPad to dock into a carbon fibre channel with an aluminium power block which houses the 28VDC to 5VDC converter, power switch, LED indicator and Lightning connector. The Carbon Fibre slide in Tray mount with turn buckle to ensure the device has secure mechanical and electrical connection in service which allows the device to be installed in portrait and landscape. This class 2 EFB installation only requires minimal modification to the aircraft, so is certified as an EASA minor mod and can be offered with FAA 8110-3 if required.